# Pre-Lab 6: Super Challenge

For Lab 6, we have a similar task as the class navigation challenge with one important change. There are now 4 different environments with a small modification: the gap between the two walls has a different distance. For the class challenge the focus was on optimizing your strategy for time. In this super challenge the focus shifts to the principle of generalizablity. Design one algorithm that generalizes.

Teams will present their strategies and compete to see which solution can generalize while still optimizing for time in challenge 1.

To be done as a group. Submit your code online.

# Challenge Guidelines

Teams will be assessed based on the degree of completion of the task and on their ranking according to the scoring metric where is the time to complete challenge 1 and is the number of challenges completed with the same algorithm.

  • 6/10 = robot solves one challenge
  • 7/10 = robot solves two challenges
  • 8/10 = robot solves three challenges
  • 10/10 = robot solves four challenges
  • *+0.5 = lowest value of

# Code Submission

Submit clear, readable code with comments in *.ino format before lab 5. Be sure to include all team member names. Recall suggested guidelines from Post-lab 4.

  1. Arduino style guide
  2. Coding and comment styles for programming. Notice here that different programming languages have different style conventions. Try to follow conventions for C++.